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Today, over 40% of household breadwinners in the U.S. are women according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor -- and that number is only expected to grow. Additionally, women make up 30% of privately owned businesses and are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S. The Breadwinner Project is focused on celebrating the rise of the female breadwinner in the U.S., highlighting a diverse group of 35 inspirational entrepreneur and executive women who are defining the next wave of breadwinners.


The wage gap and equal opportunities for women is not a "women's issue" - its an everyone issue.


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Beyond The Numbers:

Understanding The New

American #Breadwinner

We know that over 40% of household breadwinners in the U.S. are now women. Our mission with The #Breadwinners Project is to go beyond the topline numbers and dive more deeply into understanding the diversity of women behind the numbers. Who are these women and what do they want and need in their professional and personal lives to thrive?


We are committed to driving innovative change that empowers women in the workforce. By taking a few minutes to participate in the The #Breadwinners Project Survey, you are helping inform and shape our collective understanding of "the 40%" and highlight opportunities for growth and change. Take the survey now!

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