Jacqueline Anderson

Founder, jacquelinebuckinghamanderson.com

Jacqueline is a mother, writer, activist, artist and entrepreneur. She is the  Founder & CEO of Jacqueline Buckingham Anderson LLC, parent company to JBA Art Solutions and Style Meets Life.  A talented writer who is passionate about women's issues and human rights, she bravely explores concepts that amplify and redefine societal norms of female roles in our culture. With her latest book series, Jacqueline is creating a future where women rule and global gender equality prevails and thrives.

Jacqueline recently created “Discovering and Measuring a Quality of Life and Land,” a global schooling curriculum which she will spend the next year teaching in New Zealand beginning September 2016. Her greatest accomplishment and honor is being the co-creator of her family which includes her two children; son Chase and daughter Devon.


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