Jelena Aleksich


Jelena is a creative entrepreneur skilled in graphic design, photography and content creation. She fuses design and psychology to create powerful visual storytelling. Her work focuses on socially driven start-ups led by strong, female founders and includes brands like THINX and SoulCycle.

Jelena's latest endeavor, The Confetti Project, is a live photography series that explores the ways in which humans express pleasure and what motivates them. The project has evolved into a visual study on human identity and serves as a medium for unencumbered expression.

Earlier this year, Jelena lost her father, a lifelong mentor, to a his battle with lung cancer. Inspired by his entrepreneurial spirit, the Confetti Project has allowed her to find gratitude amidst grief, changing her life and giving it a clearer purpose.

Jelena loves coffee table books, 20-second hugs and doing one thing a day that she is afraid of doing.


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